See a selection of recent paintings made in the Typographic Abstraction style.

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See a selection of recent collages made in the Typographic Abstraction style.

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Photographs, poetry and asemic writings and other language based works.

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About the work

“In my current body of work, that you might call typographic abstractions, I take lettering, usually from billboards or posters, and chop up the lettering and rearrange it into completely new forms where I’m exploring the negative space of the letter – the shapes that the negative space makes from the lettering shapes. What it has allowed me to do is to explore form in a way that is already preexisting, where all the letters have been carefully designed by typographers. And all the forms are very beautiful in type and if you take them apart and you rearrange them into a new form you still have all the beauty of the type but you’re no longer tied to any kind of literal meaning. And so the way I think of that is I’m releasing the forms from their task of being the bearers of meaning. The meaning becomes something completely different. It’s no longer a commercial message…it’s like I’m freeing the letters from their work.”   Cecil Touchon



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